The ultimate zeolithe.

Définition : Alumino Silicate hydrated by sodium and calcium

Specific formula : Na0, 78K0, 84Ca1, 18Mg0, 28 (Si30, 44Al5, 56O72) x H2O

Behind this interesting name resides a natural ingredient endowed with vast potential. Klinofeed is a clinoptilolite belonging to the family of the natural zeolithes. This crystal is characterized by tetraedric architecture (spatial representation) consisting of cavities, canals and micro pores that allow multiple phases of absorption and adsorption within the animal’s digestive tract.


Klinofeed is a high surface area zeolithe (equivalent to 36 ha / kg) that acts as a toxin trap. Unlike other zeolithes, these exchanges are selective thanks to the 4 Angström pore size of Klinofeed.

The sedimentary origin of the klinofeed demonstrates exceptional purity as a silicate. The raw Klinofeed silicate is activated into a highly efficient molecular toxin trap by a special patented process. This technological innovation makes it a unique product on the market.

In the animal digestive tract, Klinofeed acts as a toxin filter that keeps the toxins under control and unavailable to the animal. This property offers advantages relative to animal growth and reproduction as well as controlling ruminal dysfunction, digestive disorder (piglets) etc.

Porc Vache

Klinofeed’s reputation as a mycotoxin binder is known throughout the word. Klinofeed also has selective properties for the ammonium ion (ammonia). This property is useful for controlling livestock odor and improving the housing situation for the animal and workers.

Overall, Klinofeed demonstrates itself a very efficient natural ingredient with multiple desirable functions that can be used by the Nutritionist.

Klinofeed also has uses in the other business sectors such as fertilizers, litters, treatment water, the industrial cleanup, the pharmaceutical industry...

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