High precision tracers used to assure the quality of mixed formula feeds.

What are Microtracers ? The most widely used Microtracers are the "F" series (colored uniformly sized iron particles) and the "RF" series (colored iron powder).
Detection procedure : Both Microtracers F and RF are isolated from formula feed samples by magnetic separation. "F" tracer yield colored spots that can be counted and interpreted to provide evidence of mixing or cross-contamination of feeds or to provide a quantitative estimate of a premix (vitamin, mineral, medicated etc) in which they are formulated. They can also provide qualitative results to allow continuous monitoring of every truckload of feed where manufacturing errors have the potential to cause toxicity to animals or drug residues in animal tissue. The "RF" series instead of yielding colored spots yields colored solutions that can be read utilizing a spectrophotometer providing detailed information as to feed mixing and as to cross-contamination.
Area expertise Factory Products
Mixing homogeneity
Cross contamination

Optimization of the
     manufacturing process
Codage of pharmaceutical molecules, additives, premix, feed :
Industrial property
To free from method
     of analysis
Qualitative and quantitative
Benefits In compliance with the " Feed Hygiene regulation 183/2005 "
Recognized by Tecaliman, Ovocom, PDV(1)
Simple, accurate, quick and economic
Stable in heat and granulation
Possibility of customized tracers

Other products: "Microgrits" (colored corn cob grits used to visually code research feeds. Micrortacer 4.5% Selenium on Sand (coated source of sodium selenite for use in manufacturing feed premixes), food grade tracers and tracers for liquid feeds.

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Microtracers are now utilized in every major world market with the exception of Japan where approval is expected soon (there are no questions regarding safety or efficacy only no regulatory category for them). To date, they have been formulated in more than 600 million tonnes of feed over a period of more than 20 years with no reported adverse reactions.

(1) Productschap Diervoeder

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