Peat for piglet

They like it !

A very economic starter feed, well known in particular for its efficiency in the transition milk/dry feed, (Liquid/solid) the peat for piglets often amazes due to its numerous zootechnical benefits.

Actifeed developed a concept associating a peat - selected player for his physico-chemical characteristics: texture, fiber, pH, humidity - and active organic trace elements SQM ((1) Refer to the product SQM present in this site) which cover the mineral deficiencies of the maternal milk. More than thirty years of experience has allowed us to perfect the formulations to answer the current needs of the piglet.

Delicious and palatable, the piglet is quickly enticed by such a product. Moreover, it finds its natural burrowing instinct, giving it a real well-being ; it is very excited to play with this new product.

Its ease of use, as well as, its very competitive cost makes it economical and relevant. Premature weaning, transit feed, diarrheic episodes, anaemic state… you will be surprised by the results of Peat.

Available in different trademarks in the European territory, Actifeed’s Peat for Piglets is administered to several million piglets, every year.

« Une bonne vielle recette de grand-mère plus que jamais d'actualité ! »

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