Red Riddance


To make a success of the carcass classification

What is Red Riddance ?

Red Riddance is complementary feed one intended to correct the red meat color...
Palliative, effective and economic, Red Riddance is mixed to the milk replacer at each feeding for the last 2 in 3 weeks before slaughtering.

Red Riddance mobilizes and chélate the iron of the muscle to reduce the pigments which color the muscle. It reduces the absorption of the iron what decreases the levels of haemoglobin and myoglobine presents in the muscle.

How does it work?

Stemming from the American search and finalized by Nouriche Nutrition research and advisory board managed by its dynamic president the Dr Drew Vermeire, Red Riddance confirmed its interest through trials led in universities and research stations. To date, many farmers from different countries integrate Red Riddance into their feeding strategy to optimize their profitability.

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